// \ PYRAMID / \\


This post is not about the “constructions” of Egypt or about the hundreds or THOUSANDS of pyramids found it throughout the world.

Not that going to contribute anything “new” … But as the press continues his “war” on the one hand, I’m still doing “mine” on the other.

((At this point I think it’s obvious the “level?” Of The media that always here referred to.))

This will say a little on the slab that we took centuries loading. Here there may be people or views that do not share or have a completely different view and is very respectable.

But to get an idea of ​​what we are talking about, I will make an overview of the different levels of these organizations that are responsible of “work” minimum but get a DISPROPORTIONATE ECONOMIC PROFIT &and they become to in a huge stones or to be more Exact- 🎯- BOULDERS- on the road ….

A level of “street” or local references, I love start making a special toast to municipalities and their different strategies to originate jobs under sleeve and go creating and placing people who “live like kings” TroLori TroLoRa. That phrase every day makes more sense and literalness…

When Talk about that I mean the municipal-bigwigs-to decision makers … People who aposentan his ass which emperors, using as usurers. Workers typically get their position based on performance and effort. As in all professions the PROBLEM is not at the level of ordinary people, like you and me. The problem always passes by “elites” who have confused the administration of his relative and passenger power, taking advantage of the wide range of influence.

Here don’t searching to attack the people Honored.

I Do not think that exist many municipalities who are ABSOLUTELY clean it in ALL of those areas. Many years listening scams of mayors, governors, councilors,the typist and the guy of cleaning up!
People could not read the signs that if this was occurring at the level of provincial councils, MOST LIKELY also it was producing on a larger scale.
The skilled and intended to investigate all of this, are impassive people.

And not just a minimum wage … PrECiSELy


There is more to look at and review SUSPICIOUS RESOLUTIONS to realize that a “black hand” has also established here.

Never MinD!! They change the puppet and we being robbed on the other place. Total.. only exist between political changes, different cards. It is shown that during their formative years did not attend language classes, since the word HONESTY is not part of their vocabulary.

We have failed in choosing our vocation …. To inflate our pockets as stuffed turkeys, we ought to have decided to study political science …

The next hit in the forehead are policies statewide. We do not have to be VERY intelligent or appeal to news every day, to know that here “are all who have with something in hand and puting this into their pockets”.

Who will not steal? for what?
They would be frowned upon…

(Poor things, if they do not really want ..)They just do “Follow the Leader”
They are Simple Puppets.

There are no political parties, no such division.

Never liked studying history. I guess because I did not agree with reality THAT necessarily the books WAS trying to sell me. This “resistance” of the time now have a lot more “sense” for me. But from all I had to memorize the force (per period of a few days) I found it!
A TRUTH for my unquestionable and reveal me the reality of politics from that time in the ALLEGED democratic freedom … and that was none other than the despotism.

That covenant by which two rival political assumptions confront and divide a country alternating policies (but having ropes tied tightly) thus giving the feeling to people are free and have an ilusión of they can vote in liberty .

Rigged elections (if necessary) placed the most appropriate government that They can need to introduce a serial of measures according to the political ideas of the Cabinets constructed correspondingly. It was a good sound and is well written? 👍 well … WELL THAT’S Policy. TALK MUCH, CONTAINS nOtHing, AND DO less.
There are simply a set of guidelines that are associated with each movement (an invented story) with the intention of passing laws that go obey the will of others and squeezing our rights and freedoms.

They not choose or make decisions!

They are so inept, denied, stingy, licker Asses, miserly … that are playing the role of his life KNOWING that FACT THEY have no voice or vote. Here the cod Is cut by others that nobody puts them face.

Actually this whole series of statements not limited to petty politicians, because is extensible all those that with the cameras wear expensive suits, but that their Consciousness would not get them neither a tracksuit.

With the new laws that will take into their sleeve these Thieves, trying to prevent that people to tell them the truth in their face.
And the truth has come, so there is little time left. To seize their last maneuvers …

Behind this gang of scarecrows are Military, Army and the Intelligence Centers. who by the way, SURE (in view of their actions) do not honor to the name given. These centers in close communication with the military has subjected the population with DEMOSTRATIONS or experiments and punishments. And This is a clear proof that they have no interest in the good of the citizenry.

Careful with that they are not the cancer of the people..

And THAT is tremendously sad when BRAVE people put their lives nobly TO THE SERVICE OF A COUNTRY.

So we have to remove enemy evils that have been introduced in all sectors.

¿And who has caused that?

The next step in building this pyramid … The Secret Societies.
Those against whom Kennedy wanted to fight.

In his most controlled, directed and funded by the Vatican, strategically placed in different countries and sometimes with intelligence centers are responsible for simulating false flag attacks.
The companies would be the masterminds (with funding) & the organizations would be the actuator arm.

There are so many and many, many , so many… cases where these organizations have been involved that happens EXACTLY the same as with the UFO phenomenon ….
“Just we need that one of all these cases was real, for assure that THE FACT is TRUE.”

This whole chorus of organizations are still a perfectly dark compass that dictates the Vatican, according to the interests that are at that time, and the actors available on stage. They have encouraged and financed wars on both sides and then they enter to the scene as qualified sisters of charity.

The final predicted to Vatican come as a result of the atrocities being committed for centuries. And gradually are uncovered. Since are many people investigating ..
The Vatican is not an independent state as such, and today people often think. Because from the signing of the Lateran Treaty, the English crown passed to take control of this theater.
At the end is just “a kingdom”, but the believers has a “great power” and take possession of it was very sweet to resist it

But the Vatican is a very bitter sweet, cursed and polluted.

The Vatican would be close to that fictional point of power, where it is assumed that there is a group or Council of 13 members who are meeting in witches’ sabbath (with wine and snacks) to decide what is the next ingenious way to fuck of The World .

Probably they are a grandpas emaciated that in their sad and unproductive life just can use a pair of neurons who occasionally make them sprout from their Machiavellian plans.

They have to be so SAD. And actually, we need have a lot of compassion for that “people” who are not working, taking all the money and have all time in the world … but Never they opt for the consumption of great literature or some good thing for the rest of People.

It’s a shame waste a life, with being pricked inside, living with less feeling and knowing that the illusion of control has an expiration date.

We have to feel sorry for these people.

Why have they had the occasion to improve and MAYBE (having been misled), have wasted a valuable opportunity to give the best of themselves and not be in a Stalemate.

In the end it is Their decisions.

Probably among the small group of “brothers” can be a non-human entities that join the “Sleepover” occasionally invoked by other sycophants BLIND … Maybe … .

Finally that interaction with such entities, The Brotherhood and pact of Non-aggression between the different races of Extraterrestrials and shared technology in all its meetings, form another layer that today we do not see and do not recognize this because they operate outside the law.
Instead they choose the laws that over time make us slaves.

Speak about those last layers of the onion is an a condensed form to explain this ideas, because have many sub-levels of action and influence in his limits. But to get to unravel the complex hierarchical system would need to infiltrate in certain levels and this is not simple as finding a hiding with a mask in carnival.
These are only a small maze of references of which we only know 2 or 3 variables on the way.. But after when the “doors” are open, a multitude of hidden options “WORKING” at the government level beyond of that they permit us to see it.
Simply start visualizing that behind all public policy threads, there “people” that really decided in the past and still retain the conviction to kill humans. Through its Chemtrails of Preschool with suspense in Artistic Drawing… Their Zombie food… virus of Primary … His Water fluoridation … THEIR NONSENSE. Their antics …. the things that they are found fun and it made them seem to be more powerful…

Finally, each person settles for what is .. Or with what you want?

Each day will be more and more evidence of this.

Monarchies are not going to get rid of the burning, because their claws are in chairs reserved within those organizations or small groups that have been assembled for use, enjoyment and fun.without any merit have managed to string together several generations of well off, adorned and acclaimed by a fictitious sovereignty, without direct participation and with the end of a Tragicomedy. (the literary analogies sometimes may not be as)
Are Simple extras within this Great Work. In actually is TERRIBLE that not one in all of them has the courage and honesty to face Reality.

There is a global idea that the power correspond today to USA And in a some way it is could be if so… But the truth is that after several tests it appears that at the end (a friend gave me the exact word) The United States of America are the Minions of London, where finally everything is cooked. A economic levels and other Things maybe not so nice to mention in this post … not that the level of shit NOT high, but we are not here to cause increase dream in reader about talking the “issues” that is knowing in general public and you are tired of hearing on Tv.

But we must stand up against this band of opportunists who think be 20 steps above you and me. And probably these people will not to read things how are you, but in a face to face, as soon as you have worried about the world around you, believe me that we will have not nothing to envy.

Often, they appear and strive develop an attitude to be Happier, but inside they feel the most miserable.

” Never Too Late If that is good.”

In fact people today have managed to see something beyond of apparent backdrop to Despite many prints that they put in front of this. lots of it (Enough People ) now at least “be with fly behind the ear” doubting that things are really in the form that They want to show us. This is already good and a very important step.

– Thank you for these good times –


“I ❤ —>you”

-Few are born on this earth to be Kings. At least legitimate and recognized manner. The Armor’s not made for all bodies. And the costumes not Honor any Crown.-


No one has had the courage to show it.



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