The posts are taking a form of “potpourri” which can sometimes have little correlation between what is announced in the title and developed in the writing. The reason for this is that it serves no set script, mixing aggregate information with knowledge that all have and sometimes try to contain certain relationship. There are ideas that are intertwined and maybe not provide sense the instant to be written but that eventually, perhaps with additional information are located within the new landscape that everyone is trying to redesign.
ALL are doing.
If you’re reading this or similar information in which many people try to bring a grain of truth, it is about something. Each person in her form and way. Today there is no one human through on this world without wondering what’s really going on.
No need to be informed by television to show a concern about something that affects the planet and that has nothing to do with the crisis, climate change, or any of the nonsense that they sold in publicized and big campaigns supported financially.

No. Today there are many, many people who in one way or another is looking for other additional answers to those established and coming conforming “universal truths” that no one dared to argue or dispute for fear of losing some things. Social position, work or friendship, when one comes to dealing with certain issues. With the whole shebang that is mounted by the world, there are many people who are in a situation where you have little to lose. This can be a double-edged and WELL USED the best weapon you can handle against this rabble. For that many people maybe now have a time that previously lacked. And those people is increasingly determined to get the truth. Them Are Those Who Create FEAR To The system. And not the reverse… because they are seeing many of his plans are busting them in face. And this only INCREASE. So want to quickly reverse the unemployment situation. For lose again the margin of asking questions to the masses and fight for the answers.
The responses of TRUTH, in the actual times sometimes are like punched in the face. But is better receive one from the front and have it located, than the attention away in other place and you are giving from all sides.
Not leave to think about their responsabilities, but within that time reserving a place to search for something more.

Sometimes this limitation in data collection was marked by a dictatorial political system responsible for establishing ideological movements and behavior of the masses, which added to the control, censorship and manipulation of information and knowledge frames the human being in a very action limit restricted and contaminated. Ideas that contradict, illogical theories and principles that do not hold up when they seem to love each give a picture of what has been our history and the process of evolution and development.
No one is talking about the changes at the cellular level we are having. Nobody wants to inform you that your body is mutating in the initial form that science had cataloged. They do not care that you receive that information and be aware of it, because would break the limit of power to persuasion in your life.

More and more people who think that The theory (the fable inspired in the “Jungle Book” ) of Darwin are false . Who at the time said that theory was likely to eventually disprove. Something has happened but , contrary to the logic, still institutes inculcate children with all kinds of theories that became obsolete long ago. Today, despite the apparent freedoms, we are “slaves” even in those days that sucked us all liberties. The difference is that now it is much less evident. Why communism externally camouflaged under monarchies and republics, the power delegated in Fair puppets, makes us think that everything is under control. AND THAT’S JUST WHAT WE DO NOT HAVE.

Where are the results of your systems? Where is the prosperity that SATANIC GOVERNMENT UNIONS promised at the time when they promoted the association of countries? WHERE? Has anyone seen it? Not surprisingly, after precisely create those organizations appear conflicts arise (suspects) between countries with increasingly questioned governments?? It is not uncommon to see as they try to justify attacks between populations when their leaders are treated as brothers??

Far from creating unity, create division.

The union American, Asian, European, African… All have been created to centralize and unify the places, operate and avoid possible external influences. Remove dedicated “pieces” to evaluate wars and you can reorganize for your convenience. Adjust the laws to limit the possible incursion of “people uncomfortable” against the system.

Many at this point think that the idea of ​​living in times similar to those of a dictatorship is disproportionate… And can that level of “quality of life” or comfort so be it, but not more than 50 years, people have lost all sense of union with nature and basically GUILT is misused technology. There are fewer jobs where the person has the ability to interact with the environment. Working life (Each case is different) is aimed at enclosed in four walls and surround electronic objets


Better if… But for whom?

I think at this point anyone remember something about the post I made concerning the MK-ULTRA. Well, in that case I want to stress again the concept and the idea of ​​the “war of this time” that is Psychic.

Electronic devices are capable of transmitting electromagnetic pulses being directed from plants built for the purpose. Not that there is someone 24 hours pressing a red button to send a handful of bad energy, but randomly if we can be victims of these experiments. And this represents one of the electronic receivers required for this purpose. Because these “pulses” affect our energy field producing changes in the psyche of persons altering emotions and thus thought patterns.

It’s a scientifically proven fact, proven in numerous apparatus with which we act daily. You can find as this radiation measurements and constant subjection to these waves affects us and affects our lives. There is evidence that in the media (television and radio Trash) makes use of infrasounds with different rhythms, subconscious level that could resemble the techniques used by therapists in their hypnosis sessions to elicit unconscious suggestion. Let’s say this is a “support” that uses advertising to sell their products massively among citizens. Sometimes people end up buying items and don’t understand too well why or what it. In some cases this could explain it.

A Person dedicated to the world Visual-Audio succeeded in isolating those sounds with different technology programs, that curiously, this software have been able to identify.
Something to what we our sensory limitations are not prepared. It’s a good time to start accepting (with examples like this) that we may not be able to believe that ALL THINGS EXISTING or interpret what we see from our perspective is with a real and objective accuracy.
The biggest attack can occur where there exists the ignorance.
Not believing in something as a possibility real, discard the individual “alert” and allows the influence of that to which we do not consider as true..

“The devil greatest achievement is to make people believe that there is.”

With this words about technology is not a matter of creating psychosis, or to cast all our objects through the window in a fit… just know and somehow work and mental energy level to put some barriers to this. Also placed “away” from these devices will reduce their influence. Try to sleep without “interference” and not be mobile or other devices attached to the body.
This is not a personal invention or something giving me given my by writing to fill gaps…(That are dedicated to journalists who live it and have an obligation to present something, whatever it is no matter in many cases it that is said in order to sell.)

REALLY exist reporting cases of people say that some devices caused them health problems. Let none crazy with the theme, just take some caution and limit the degree of action or influence that these devices may have regarding you.
Send a real POWER, obsessed with the thought that really is hurting you only aggravate the possible symptoms.
WELL that the key is to be aware of the “potential danger” but mentally believe and create a shield to nullify the possibility of that influence… We all know draw images to the mind and “renew” this from time to time would be sufficient.
No problem, Is NOT really serious because the energies with which we are working on the earth lately become mere anecdotes these things. Not that you have to neglect, especially for the discomfort that can potentially cause.

Well, at this point of Avatar, Mars, Earth and paradigms no sign in the post … so I think I will be go to the subject …

As previously mentioned the sounds in television, I would make a slight comment about a movie that probably Most people know, but I saw first time 2 days ago. And that’s AVATAR.
Something “external” to me, a little “mysterious” has kept me away from almost all Hollywood Epic Movies. Now that I begin to understand the real mechanisms and objectives of this industry, it seems to me to understand why turn at the time refused to go to the movies nowadays almost everyone has seen… Well for fun, out of curiosity or mere love of film. It’s also not happened to me after being in a line of research. If I review the past I realize that practically not seen hardly any of the great histories projected. Besides (and I say this in a personal capacity) experiment very strange sensation to see any movie. To explain better tell that to sit in front of the television in me are four spectators at a time.

-On the one hand “the viewer” to live and enjoy the film and its story without any conditions or prejudice.

-On the other hand there would be “viewer” that performs interpretative analysis of each actor to understand from the point of view of each of the characters as they experience the reality and the circumstances that conditioned to act in a different way.

-In the same seat is the viewer who is alert to the barrage of information that is used for programming. Moments like these in many cases are supported with music stand giving it a double power. Since it is not only working in this direction at the level of “mental programming” because this influences supported with emotion, giving the message and idea of ​​a force majeure.

-The last viewer is the one I like best of all. It is he who gathers the ideas that I’m interested in, the values ​​that are important for me and the truths that are part of my life. In this viewer would call “THE REAPER” from that vision that is able to separate the wheat from the chaff and eventually the film becomes a positive experience despite the drawbacks.
I do not know whether it makes sense to expose this here, but maybe someone will help you identify certain aspects of the “programming game”.

In my beloved country, Spain, televisions are making a habit of giving (sometimes) instead of a movie, 2 parts of 2 differents movies. And two days ago it was the time to Avatar.

The strange thing is that (in a summary of Making OFF) the same journalists of news channel, “selling” the film somehow in form with a cadence similar to when they are giving the news. In a way like he was doing some kind of association between the veracity of those people who allegedly informs with the idea being conveyed in the film. I say this because of suggestion systems are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, so are difficult to identify. Realize that advertising increasingly employed journalist appearing in the news… Question of transmitting some truth supported characters that people are accustomed to believe?? Maybe I do not know.

So there began my adventure in Pandora, & although revolutionary technical aspects are bright and in movie seem that made criticism of the U.S. Army… I still raising questions about the purpose of the message. Because in the end make the American Pandora’s hero when they have tried to invade it. And I have nothing against the American people or his people, quite the opposite. America is precisely who is “playing” with the enemy at home. The enemies only reduces to a few people out of all this.

The naturally of Pandora is an autentic supraphysical vision of relation that we have with Earth in this dimensional reality. That energy relationship between the inhabitants of that planet with all that exists in it. I think one of the greatest successes of James Cameron to make us understand what we are and have, but we’ve Forgotten. That internal and indivisible union we have with all that is. I worry that some of the information that may be collected by the public around the plot of the movie is the necessity and the spirit to conquer other planets.

Is possible than there are people who can have it not only in mind but developed on paper. That these unclean “people” are altering things in our outdoor space is an open secret, but we do not know where to draw the limit of line in their capacity for action. The “StarFish project ” and lots of Sub-operations camouflaged in dual intent on the missions NASA officials, neither us nor have a clear idea about what actually is carried out by these organizations. We do not know, NO, BUT ALL are affected.

Technically and visually the film Is fantastic. And as in any Hollywood movie masked truths seep into a fictional framework. The main character in this land appears somewhat idyllic, through its mind and conscience. Well up there all right… But then the military reach Pandora without using machines that allow them to mentally interrelate with this new environment? They have had to transfer his consciousness not only but also your physical body to gain entry into this new world.
And this would come to be associated with the next theme of Post.

MARS. Not for skeptics.

Since the movie today we are very used to justify the movement through space through interdimensional ships, trained to penetrate new worlds and different realities transcend. But the truth is that even being this a possibility, by no means the only one. (Not at all is the most advanced) What will come next is a kind of summary of a video that would later publish concerning an investigation carried out by the team “PROJECT CAMELOT”.
A program very committed to the dissemination of important material that attempts to shed light on this dark valley in which we have engaged.

Really I recommend watching the documentary where they can learn curious things that certainly will not leave you indifferent and certainly not taught in channels like History Channel, Discovery Channel and it F***ing Mother Channel that BOTH are supposed to unmask certain subjects. {{At this point tell you that there is no greater hogwash that the supposed documentary channels such this. YES. They are going to do very nice and very well told. But for every truth that you have, you will embed 18 false dates}}.
These documentaries easily deceive the viewer because it avoid the topics that should deepen (without stopping) and emphasizing in stupid stuff for convincingly form. And as we talked about in the melodies and cadences of speech, watch as the narrative, emphasis and nuance in these films reflect a kind of script. All SAME sound. Never mind that the guy you speak of “Discovered Giants Bodies on the Rocks”, “Massive UFO sighting” or “His shopping list for the supermarket” … Everything sounds the same. The worst thing is that there are people who resort to them as a distraction or really interested in topics covered and take this information as REFERENCE.

This documentary will shed many truths about lies built around Mars. For those who do not have time or do not want to see him that it is going to show not only that it is FALSE that the planet is red. So is the fact that it is uninhabited. You find amazing testimonies of how the CIA has the technology to teleport people to Mars via a system of des-molecularization. And this, in fact: “is a reality supported by quantum physics with what must be considered a real possibility if you have the NECESSARY TECHNOLOGY.”

Well..the press that all we read said in 2036 or 2050 are intended to send the first man to Mars ¿is a fucking joke? But along with the documentary will find in the words of a witness (he worked in Control Towers NASA) as he could see the first images received of this planet and were environmentally similar to ours. they have placed a filter used in theater and … Go! not ask more for this planet …. That there is nothing. Pass page.
And so for all these years and all the while withholding information that could have been picked up everything on this planet that maybe some other time has been our home. Who knows.

Maybe you can not give credence to my words, but if you visualize research are to realize that the number of pieces in this puzzle together unveiled, reveal a handful really important of proof here, in the documentary.

Enjoy it.


“The Mars Project”

– Project Camelot – VIDEO

There are endless possibilities to experience reality but in every concrete thing, THE TRUTH IS ONLY ONE.


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