COMET C/2012 S1 “ISON”

– * – ISON COMET – * –

According to most scientists point belonging to the observatories scattered throughout the world, this comet both inexplicable behavior (with respect to variations in its direction) and as physical and visual characteristics are quite abnormal events. To date already identified several unique phenomena in monitoring and dating of this comet, compared to what has so far been observed in outer space by our target different experts in the field. Or at least that’s what they want us to believe.

I wonder WHY and WHAT have and maintain at agencies with an unusual, such as the passage of this comet, silent, without communicating anything to society. Not only that, but it also (perhaps for fun) remove the relationship and the effects this is having on the sun, of programs for it. Information that is shared with the public, which is offered too little margin for reflection and analysis. In this month of November and according to the calculations until next January we will be under the influence of three near-Earth comets. ISON himself (discovered in the Russian observatory ISON-Kislovodsk and the incumbent stands for the same name: “International Scientific Optical Network”) ENCKE and LOVEJOY. 

Regarding ISON comet appears to be the most anomalies a priori sample was filtered (real or fictional?) Imaging by the Hubble telescope where a hobbyist could check (made a video about it) as the “alleged” comet once contrast filters applied to photography, actually seems to be composed of 3 objects. A central core and two cylindrical objects that would be orbiting the nucleus itself. Somewhere it was said that the photograph was a mountage result of a restructuring of 3 shots with different exposures. On the other hand there were those who invalidated the theory of mounting course be several photo files from different points of the object sent different perspective.

I do not believe anyone. I leave it in the air, and it is time to define who that object. Basically not have the technology necessary nor sufficient criterion to categorize. And maybe they could do it or are muted, or not allowed to access that information freely and without manipulated. As you might know, since yesterday say that with a few simple binoculars the comet is beginning to be visible from Earth. Up to this day comet has been observed with 3 different shades of color as time has progressed (First White, then changed to Green and now is adopting Blue tinge)

ISON reached its perihelion, (which is the area closest to the sun) on November 28, 2013 if you really do arrive earlier to disintegrate (which some want and as many discarded.) A Interesting friendly Web yesterday, I got the fact that the time of closest approach to the sun this time coincides with the start of the Jewish celebration of Hannukah (known as festivals of lights) We’ll see if this correlation of dates and events are mere coincidence or respond to some type of symbology.

There are different reports about the speed, the orbit of this comet possibilities that too many have come to associate with prophecies from different eras, like Nostradamus, Parraviccini, Hildelbarg von Bingen, Hopi Indians and even the Bible. But that falls within the scope of interpretation itself more. And what is exposed here is censorship of information is again underway.

Sloppy! World Power World Power … .. scrap material …

Our “friends” in the Movies burying their heads in real life which ostrich … (this can have double meaning … If you choose to do so, there are not bad.) {{Note irony about bunkers and other hidden constructs the masses}}

Breaking apparent reality that cinema has created through the subconscious is one of the keys to de-programming. Consider the science fiction genre in a different place of fantasy and possibility to analyze how certain realities and keys that are encrypted reveal. Questioning everything you sell as real and make it apparent. 
Check that in many cases the essential and true is just on the opposite side where the society insistently has been concerned to locate. 
Delete any ideas limiting to allow the mind to imagine that you can achieve whatever you feel and think you should do. Exercise and educate the thinking to an area of ​​growth. Leave any ideas, Dogma, Doctrine, Religion, Paradigm or regulation deemed abusive and outdated causing the individual a sense of captivity .. Develop a treaty of “philosophy” and ideology itself. Contribute to the expansion of knowledge. 
The important thing is to get out of the paradigms in which we find ourselves immersed. Without forcing, but learning to relativize and just give relevance to what we consider today as part of our reality. Not leaving things at once. It let things arise and * flow *.

None of this represented an order or decree. These are simple tips.

The “paradigms” deserve a separate post …




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