Next I want to share with potential readers an annotation on report in 2009 made an anonymous student of the Mayan Calendar.

I have never entered fully into this matter and I can not ensure that the dates are 100% accurate. But I think this study holds very valid theories and mathematical proof that the result of the count “official” calendar that have given us has been manipulated and changed location consciously.
In order to remove credibility to that civilization and the possible wisdom contained in it (which would prevent further research) and secondly that people achieved we went back to look at ourselves so that what may be about to happen … does not happen. ¿?

Some things are inevitable by many obstacles that one ready. Mere branches or frog can not stop the flow of a river.
 Misinformation is a fact that today reaches overwhelming. And sometimes provide valid information can be complicated task. 
Shortly before the date 21/12/12/PRINTED FIRE ALMOST in media (film, TV, Documentaries, Radio …) I had a strong conviction that the current situation is adequate according to time we may be to live, but that the date and after SO CLEARLY commercial effort had to be a FAKE.

It would be good to note that the Mayans have been released as seers or prophets. But in reality this civilization was composed of statisticians and mathematicians as far as this method is concerned. I once read somewhere: ” so preposterous to believe in ALL the prophecies as not paying attention to any of them.” (That or something)

From other sources I have come to know that technically we would not actually present in the year 2013 AD As today believe but in 2020. I quote the words written on the source of information:

” We are currently in the year 2013 after the birth of Jesus. There are seven years of error in the calendar. Now the year 2020. In the eighth century of the Christian era, Charlemagne set out to modify the schedule so far is governed by the founding of Rome. Because he said he wanted it to be from the birth of Jesus. But no one knew when Jesus was born. were made historical research and learned that two centuries before Charlemagne, Dionysius Exiguus, a monk Escita had discovered when according to the founding of Rome had died Herod the Great. Herod had died four years after Jesus was born. did not take into account four years before date, but the death of Herod. By leading error four years. In the sixteenth century, Pope Gregory made another change in the timetable for introducing non-leap years and three years decreased the margin of error, but the increase in 3 years.”

So according to these data actually currently be living in 2020 AD. I do not know if this correlation of dates or this report was considered at the time that, if that information was available or you are an irrelevant fact for this new count and study.

I have further investigated during this time with the idea that when the information was available and would be appropriate to receive. You just had to wait and it has. At least a new theory (and not the only)

Just tell them that despite the zero contribution of information from NASA about what is happening in our outer spaced, if there are people ready and independent approach trying real scientific data not manipulated, supporting the theory that the earth is facing a deep level changes. The information is there.

The promotion of these scientists and researchers is somehow vetoed and controlled public appearances. 

Do not expect to find in the news, in newspapers or in any medium having government bonds (ALMOST ALL) not a single shred of truth. Still trying to build a kind of reality before our eyes to try to stop opening at consciencial you probably have in turn impact physical and molecular level. Also these changes are scientifically proven. It is for you to think to what extent they will focus their reality.

Whatever the case over the coming months we will see the ruling elites showing parts of a Deck that almost all is on the table.


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